I make websites, and I'd like to make yours!

I want to make portfolios for artists. Figuring out the best way to present your work, and creating an engaging experience for anyone looking for your art. I got started doing design because I had grown disappointed with friends web presence, when I was trying to show some of the things that they were working on to other friends. And the portfolios I could find were so poorly laid out and presented, that it was a headache to look at them. So I decided that I could fix that!

In exchange, I want to work for trade or cash. I'm reasonable! Hosting is $5/mo, the fee scale for design work is flexible, we can talk.

I love to code creatively!

I feel really comfortable with the guts of webpages, namely PHP/HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript. These languages form much of the core of many webpages. I enjoy making sites that respond intuitively, and are full of surprises and secrets, without slowing anything down. Having an exciting presence that people want to stick around and look at for a while can make such a big impact on your project, often it's not hard to get people to your site, but it's hard getting them to stay.

I'm constantly expanding my working knowledge of code, I'm still learning. But would you really want someone who's learned everything they think they need to know, and now stuck in their way? Every job is a chance to teach myself new skills, anything I don't know yet, I'd love to learn!

Please hire me!

Your project deserves an awesome web presence, and, no matter what it is, I think that I can deliver something that you'll like.